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Located in Transylvania, in the city of Bistrita, the Electroplast company was established in 1993, in order to create a production capacity of cables and electrical conductors.

The product portfolio includes: copper and aluminum electrical cables, rigid and flexible, unarmed, armored, shielded, shielded-armored. The cables are insulated in PVC, cross-linked PE and thermoplastics PE, they are made according to national and international standards, using modern manufacturing technologies.

From the very beginning, the emphasis was on the quality and safety of our products, a conviction confirmed by the creation and maintenance of an RENAR accredited laboratory, as well as by the implementation of a high-performance quality assurance system (ISO 9001: 2015 certified of TUV Germany, ISO 14001: 2015, ISO 45001: 2018).

The accelerated pace of evolution and technologicalization has allowed us to adapt to the requirements of our customers and to produce optimal solutions suitable for their business.

Electroplast products are promoted, supported and recommended by partners, such as: Alstom Transport, THALES, Siemens Mobility, IMSAT, TIAB, Energobit, Telekom, VLG, Consolight, ELBI, Arabesque, NK Smart and many others. The recommendations from them give us the greatest satisfaction and motivation for further pursuing the Electroplast mission. We always respond to the challenges launched by our partners, getting involved in complex construction projects, such as:

  • National Arena - Bucharest
  • Basarab Passage - Bucharest
  • Cluj-Napoca International Airport
  • Development of the Budapest-Hungary metro network
  • Renovation of Belgrade Railway Station - Serbia
  • Building wind farms in the UK

Our vision of always being engaged in a process of development and adaptation to new technological and environmental trends is strengthened by the partnership concluded with ROCA Investments. Together, we set goals for operational growth, modernization of manufacturing lines through investment and technology, digitization of systems, optimization of customer and product portfolio.

Vision | Mission | Value


Our vision is to support the transition to a climate-neutral society permanently connected to the highest safety standard.


Our mission is to develop electrical cables and conductors that guarantee the safety of our partners in a sustainable community.

Our values

Our values

our headline that describes the products and people in our organization


in approaching problems and in relations with our clients and partners


through the way we relate to the community, to our team, to partners but also to competitors


an attribute that we want to prove both in our team every day but also in how we address the projects we take part in together with our partners


we get involved in the community around us and bring added value whenever we have the opportunity