• Power supply cables type N2XH manufactured by Electroplast SA have superior characteristics as regards reaction to fire, being the equivalent of the B2ca class, as certified within the 1+ performance assessment and control system specified by the EU Regulation no. 305/2011. These cables are designed for use in public buildings, industrial installations, underground train stations, airports, hospitals, museums, supermarkets, banks, theatres, cinemas, control and command centres and other buildings where human life and safety or assets of significant value may be at stake.
  • ELECTROPLAST SA, as a manufacturer of cables used in construction works has initiated the implementation process of the EU Regulation no. 305 in order to warrant product conformity with essential performance characteristics.

Short history

ELECTROPLAST SA is a private capital joint-stock company, established in 1993. From June 2019, the ROCA investment and management platform becomes a majority shareholder of the company.

Our offer

Our product range includes copper and aluminum electric cables, both rigid and flexible, armored and non-armored, screened, as well as armored and screened.

The cables are insulated in PVC, PE or silicone rubber and manufactured according to national or international standards, by means of up-to-date manufacturing technologies.

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