The targets of the quality policy,defined by the management of ELECTROPLAST SA in accordance with the company’s medium-and long-term development strategy are:

  • Continuous maintenance and improvement of the Integrated Quality & Environmental Management System according to: SR EN ISO 9001: 2015 , SR EN ISO/ CEI 80079-34:2012 si SR EN ISO 14001: 2005;
  • Constant improvement of product and service quality;
  • Providing quality products that meet legal requirements and regulations, as well as customer demands and expectations;
  • Maintaining a competitive quality-to-price ratio by means of production cost reduction;
  • Monitoring customer satisfaction in order to continuously improve the quality of supplied goods and services;
  • Development, promotion and consolidation of the ELECTROPLAST brand among various target customer groups;
  • Improving and optimizing production capacities in order to increase labor productivity, reduce production costs and make a profit.
  • Providing continued training and education programs and activities for the company’s employees in order to achieve superior professional expertise and skills, enhanced quality awareness and a deeper sense of personal responsibility towards specific tasks and duties assigned within the Integrated Quality & Environmental Management System.

Certificates and licenses​

The targets of the environmental protection policy defined by the company’s executive level management are:

  • Polution prevention and constant improvement of all processes implemented to this end;
  • Identifying environmental issues subject to regular assessment and analysis in order to alleviate the impact of the organization’s activities on the environment;
  • Continuous improvement of all environment-related aspects of activity, by measuring and monitoring the actual environmental performance and by assessing the compliance with applicable regulations;
  • Educating and motivating the whole personnel to adopt responsible attitudes towards the environment;
  • Observing applicable legal requirements and regulations concerning environmental protection;
  • Dissemination of the environmental policy among the entire personnel and general public, in order to built trust in our pollution prevention efforts and capability.