Vision | Mission | Value

  • The vision of ELECTROPLAST is to become one of the top-tier domestic manufacturers and to constantly expand its international activities. We strive to turn this vision into reality on a daily basis.
  • The mission of ELECTROPLAST is to add value to the company by providing high-quality products and services that meet the customers’ requirements and expectations. Our customers are leaders of their respective industries
  • Value of ELECTROPLAST - We have managed to keep a good standing during the 20 years of our existence by staying loyal to the same basic values:
  • OUR CUSTOMER’S SUCCESS IS OUR SUCCESS – We place the customers at the heart of our activities. We invest time in understanding their needs, as well as material, financial and human resources in exceeding their expectations.
  • EXCELLENCE – is the hallmark of everything we undertake, from production to after-sale customer service.
  • INOVATION – we always stay a step ahead. We maximize present opportunities but we always look into the future in order to anticipate market requirements and demand and lead the company towards long-term success.
  •  INTEGRITY AND RESPECT – we keep our promises, we are responsible and honest towards company, partners, customers and share-holders.
  • PEOPLE – are a company’s primary asset. We believe in our people, we constantly invest in their training and provide them with a multitude of opportunities to reach their highest potential.
  • TEAM WORK: – we value each individual, but we believe that a team is more than the sum of its members.
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